Even the presence of a permanent sexual partner cannot stop a man who is eager to experiment in the art of love! But not with every representative of the fair sex you can try them. For example, with me you will get the most passionate and stunning orgasm in your life. No woman has ever driven you to such a frenzy, and I can do it. Honey, there's a whole night ahead and you haven't dialed my simple phone number that I posted on my page just for you. Don't slow down, you and I have a lot to try!

ID Анкеты: 32635

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Рост: 165 см

Вес: 66

Возраст: 21

Нация: Негритянки

Цвет волос: Шатенки

Грудь: 3


1 час: нет

2 часа: нет

Ночь: нет


1 час: 3500 ₽

2 часа: 7000 ₽

Ночь: 15000 ₽


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